Asset Tracking and Auditing

AAM and Anglo deliver advanced Asset Discovery and Audit tools on a Software as a Service ("SaaS") platform, helping businesses to support their strategic, IT and business initiatives. We deliver these tools via partners. 


Unlike traditional IT inventory products that can require substantial administrative overheads, our solution can be quickly installed. It automatically performs a full audit of a business with a minimum of administration time. Once implemented, the service automatically keeps a business up-to-date with changes to IT assets. 


The service is available 24x7 so whenever a client needs asset information it's instantly available. With the SaaS platform a client never needs to worry about software upgrades or database maintenance – it's all automatically updated with the latest functionality and totally future-proofed. 


We appreciate that today IT managers and administrators are under even greater pressure to comply with software licensing regulations and reduce their total cost of ownership and we also understand that they need tools that allow them to fulfill these requirements, tools that allow them to get the most efficient use from their hardware and software assets. 


Traditionally IT Asset databases have been straight forward data repositories that require manual input and data management. It's a simple reality that with traditional databases, unless the IT and database administrators are continually updating their records with details of moves, changes and assets disposed of the data becomes meaningless. 


Our service eliminates this issue by automating all of the manual, mundane and manpower intensive tasks whilst delivering a range of value-added proactive features. 


New features to the service are completely transparent with regular upgrades implemented without any costs to clients (unlike traditional software updates). The service is the latest web-2 Service Oriented Architecture. Every function is delivered over a generic web interface. 


Many businesses are now moving to Software as a Service (SaaS) based solutions for their application delivery. No longer do clients need to purchase expensive hardware and licenses up-front but instead get access to critical applications on-demand over the web and managed by experts. 


Our solutions provide IT Administrators with a web control panel to manage the entire IT asset base from anywhere at any-time. This enterprise technology radically improves resource allocation and use through the proactive monitoring and automation; our Asset Discovery & Audit tools provide IT Managers with the information they need to demonstrate the controls and compliance that is demanded by corporate governance. 


Below are some of the key features and benefits:  

  • Software Compliance – Automatically stay in control of software licensing.

  • Cost Reduction - Avoid wasting IT budget on under-used hardware and software.

  • Security and Productivity – Identify and avert the use of programs that pose a business and a legal risk.

  • Migration Planning – Streamline planning by quickly evaluating which computers are fit for purpose when rolling out new software or major upgrades. 

  • Our Computer Audit and Discovery tools can provide automatic audits of an entire ICT infrastructure.

  • Flexible scheduling provides an IT administrator with the control needed to completely automate the entire process.

  • Audit results from each computer are stored centrally. From the Web user interface, administrators can instantly view the complete inventory of all networked devices including workstations, servers and mobile devices.

  • Data views can be altered to meet needs and user defined fields can be added to the system information. All reports can be saved with various options for reuse and can be exported to many formats.





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AAM Capital Software Financing


AAM is delighted to announce the launch of an enhanced software and services leasing product. 


The enhanced product allows our customers to finance their preferred software, services and supporting maintenance on finance terms of up to five years. 


Originally developed to meet the specific needs of a Software as a Service ("SaaS") vendor that was supplying solutions to the UK retail and investment banking sector, it is now being made available by AAM to the public sector and large corporates across UK industry.


AAM Office re-furbishment Lease


AAM Capital has increased the flexibility of the leasing product that is available to our customers and business introducers, seeking finance either for office refurbishment or business relocations, by increasing the level of "soft costs" that can be included within a financing,  and offering improved pricing for "A" and "B" credits. 


Information about our improved offering is available from our sales team or via email enquiry to


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