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We offer US and International Accounting GAAP and IFRS qualifying operating leasing packages to vendors and manufacturers within the liquid and bulk packaging markets, and directly to end-user customers (called "lessees") that are using, or considering the use of Intermediate Bulk Containers ("IBCs"), sea containers or ISO tanks to store and transport dry or liquid products within Europe, North America or Latin America.


The products that we offer finance facilities for are used to ship a diverse collection of hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and commodities originating from and used within the oil, chemical, food and candy industries.


Units that we can offer financing for include totes, IBCs, pallets, roll cages and shopping trolleys and can also include racking, RIFD, various Internet connected devices and automated systems within warehouses and supply chain facilities.


Our primary business relationships are in the United States, and we support our Americas' business from Houston, Texas.


Our current managers have worked with clients across North America, including Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, as well as parts of Europe and Asia.


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AAM Capital Software Financing


AAM is delighted to announce the launch of an enhanced software and services leasing product. 


The enhanced product allows our customers to finance their preferred software, services and supporting maintenance on finance terms of up to five years. 


Originally developed to meet the specific needs of a Software as a Service ("SaaS") vendor that was supplying solutions to the UK retail and investment banking sector, it is now being made available by AAM to the public sector and large corporates across UK industry.


AAM Office re-furbishment Lease


AAM Capital has increased the flexibility of the leasing product that is available to our customers and business introducers, seeking finance either for office refurbishment or business relocations, by increasing the level of "soft costs" that can be included within a financing,  and offering improved pricing for "A" and "B" credits. 


Information about our improved offering is available from our sales team or via email enquiry to info@angloassetmanagement.com


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