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It's a reality that the size of a company can have a significant influence on how it performs and acts. Whilst many traditional financial institutions have the strength and appetite to write business, they often lack the flexibility, dynamism or innovation necessary to respond to many of today’s rapidly moving new business opportunities, whilst smaller companies that have the necessary characteristics often lack the financing capacity to take on substantial commitments.


At Anglo Asset Management LLP ("Anglo") and AAM Capital, Inc. ("AAM") we combine the strengths of both types of organisation. We have the advantages of being a small, dynamic and flexible leasing organisation but with the backing of a funding panel made up by some of the strongest financial institutions in Europe and North America.


We fully appreciate that our clients often require tailor-made solutions reflecting their specific requirements and wishes and our philosophy is, quite simply, to devise solutions that precisely match what our clients' need, then implement them professionally and responsibly.  


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When you work with us you gain access to one of the most experienced and innovative lease financing teams in Europe and North America, with access to structured finance, GAAP compliant operating leasing and traditional capital (finance) leasing, backed by a

funding panel that is made up of some of the world's

premier financial institutions and investment funds. 


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At Anglo and AAM we offer a suite of optional services that augment our core finance and leasing products. These include asset audit services, technology supply and maintenance facilities plus asset discovery and asset management software.

Our software applications are generally delivered as

Software as a Service ("SaaS"). 


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Latest News

AAM Capital Software Financing


AAM is delighted to announce the launch of an enhanced software and services leasing product. 


The enhanced product allows our customers to finance their preferred software, services and supporting maintenance on finance terms of up to five years. 


Originally developed to meet the specific needs of a Software as a Service ("SaaS") vendor that was supplying solutions to the UK retail and investment banking sector, it is now being made available by AAM to the public sector and large corporates across UK industry.


AAM Office re-furbishment Lease


AAM Capital has increased the flexibility of the leasing product that is available to our customers and business introducers, seeking finance either for office refurbishment or business relocations, by increasing the level of "soft costs" that can be included within a financing,  and offering improved pricing for "A" and "B" credits. 


Information about our improved offering is available from our sales team or via email enquiry to


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